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Sustainable solution implementation for food industry


Leading sustainable food processing solution producer and distributor in Europe and CIS area


Sustainable food processing solutions


The founder of the company, Juri Sjomin, began his internship in 2003 at a canned fish factory in Latvia. He worked in various positions from a fish packing in the can till the can packing in the carton. Participated directly in the production process and saw what difficulties that the company and personnel are facing in production time.

After studying the production, office work began – searching for new clients, preparing for exhibitions, developing new products, creating labels, shipping goods. 

To expand the product line, cooperation with other food manufacturers was started. Sometimes equipment broke down and needed to be quickly replaced or repaired. Food manufacturers began to ask for help in choosing the right equipment. For 15 years, a huge experience has been collected in the food industry. Then I decided to create a new brand and company FAGURI.

At the moment, the company has two divisions

  1. Production of food processing equipment under its own brand and distribution of equipment to complement its range. Such an integrated approach helps us to offer the best modern turnkey solution on the market.
  2. There is still a production plant in Latvia for the production of canned fish. This helps to test new products, to be not only in the role of equipment manufacturer, but also in the role of real users of this equipment.

Key values

  • Professionalism we know what we are talking about and what we offer to our clients. We are competent, share our experience and knowledge. We are constantly improving professional knowledge and skills.
  • Simplicity We understand each other and our clients. Our solutions are simple and feasible. We make complex things simple and understandable
  • Teamwork We work together. A common goal is more important than personal interests. We work with a sense of responsibility.
  • Value for client we can be successful only by creating value for our customers. The goal is to give our customers more than they expect
  • Safety and sustainability our activities are always associated with risks to the environment and human health, therefore we pay great attention to labor safety, health, and environmental protection
  • Respect We are honest and we keep our promises. The customer always comes first for us. We know our customers and we deserve their long-term trust. Our business is based on mutual respect.