Can Drying Machine PRO

Linear machine designed to remove surface moisture from filled cans after seaming or sterilization. Used for cans No. 2,3,6,8.

The dehumidification process takes place by means of active blowing with workshop air, using powerful vortex blowers, which are installed at the bottom of the machine. Blowing is carried out with air knives from all sides of the conveyor, and along the entire length of the drying chamber. The conveyor is equipped with side and top adjustable stops, thanks to which the machine is versatile and can be used for drying cans of various sizes.

The equipment is controlled using an electronic control panel, which includes a PLC controller


Can Drying Machine PRO


    Technical data

    • Productivity 120 cans per minute
    • Installed power 15.5 kW
    • Overall dimensions 2600 × 800 × 1500mm
    • Case material stainless steel



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