Can washing machine

The linear machine is designed for washing filled cylindrical and shaped cans of all numbers. Washing is carried out using a jet method using nozzles. The cans are fed through a horizontal mesh conveyor to the washing unit. In the first half of the washing tunnel, the can is washed with a washing solution t (70 * C), in the second half, it is rinsed with hot water t (70 * C). The reservoir of the can washer unit is filled with detergent solution. The temperature of the solution is maintained automatically by supplying live steam. Retractable mesh filters are located under the conveyor. The solution level is regulated by a float valve. In normal operation, the bath is replenished by the supply of water to the rinse section, and the level is maintained by an overflow pipe. The circulating pump maintains the pressure required for high-quality cleaning of the cans. Adjusting the line to the desired size of the can is done by changing the position of the guides along the entire length of the line.
The equipment is controlled using an electronic control panel, which includes a PLC controller


Can washing machine


    Product Specifications

    Main technical characteristics and data of the Device :
    1. Productivity, up to 120 180 cpm
    2. Overall dimensions mm 2600x1500x800
    3. Power kW 3
    5. Power supply V / Hz 380/50
    6. Stainless mesh, mm 200×10
    7. Pump 3M 40-160kW 3
    8. Gear motor (0.55 kW) NMRV box 050
    9. Total weight, not less than 500 kg
    10. Steam consumption Kg / h 60
    11. Body material AISI304


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