Container tipper

Container tipper is designed to empty containers, lifting them to the required height and overturning for pouring the contents into the bath, onto the receiving table, etc.

Container tipper



    • Hygienic design: stainless steel construction, all parts are sanitized.
    • Ease of operation: control panel and buttons “top-bottom”
    • Safety: the hydraulic lifting circuit ensures that the tipper operates only when the button is pressed. The degree of protection of electrical equipment complies with the IP65 standard.
    • Reliability: the use of components from leading manufacturers guarantees a long service life


    • Overall dimensions 1800 × 1800 × 1300 mm
    • Oil pressure 250 Kg / cm2
    • Loading capacity 800 kg
    • Swivel angle 110 °
    • Tipping height 1000 mm
    • Container dimensions 1200 × 800 × 1000 mm
    • Case material stainless steel
    • Tipper weight not less than 400 kg



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