Fish Gutting Machine

The gutting machine is designed for gutting whole fish. Suitable for trout, mackerel, herring, perch and other similar fish.

Productivity is up to 50 fish per minute. The speed can be adjusted.

The size of the fish is from 150g to 1200g. 3 models cover these dimensions

The machine has a robust design. It is easy to operate and easy to maintain (the operator himself can do this easily). Maintenance costs are very low.

We produce the car on the basis of the technical assignment from the buyer and the size of the fish to be gutted. Less than 0.5% of fish can be damaged during the evisceration process.

Manufactured in accordance with all CE standards. Operator safety is at a high level. The operator’s workplace is conveniently located.


Fish Gutting Machine



    • Power supply: 380V, 50Hz
    • Water consumption: 500 l / h
    • Compressed air: min 6 bar
    • Air compressor: min 2 kW
    • Weight: 350kg


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