Head trimming machine for smoked fish

This machine is designed for cutting heads and tails from semi-finished smoked sprat products. A frame with rods (skewers) is placed on the head trimming machine and two knives cut off the head and the other two knives cut off the tail. Thanks to the external conveyor, the semi-finished product goes directly to the packaging line, saving time and labor.

Additionally, we can equip it with a comb. The comb speeds up the process of removing the heads from the bar (skewer).


Head trimming machine for smoked fish


    Technical specifications

    • Conveyor speed 0.2 m / s;
    • The power of the conveyor gear motor is 0.12 kW;
    • Rotation speed of disks with knives 2820 rpm;
    • Power of motors of cutting discs 0.75 kW each (2 or 4 pieces);
    • Productivity (finished product) up to 45 kg or 15 frames;
    • Total power consumption
      • 3.12 kW (heads and tails)
      • 1.62 kW (head);
    • Dimensions
      • length 2525 mm,
      • Width 1300 mm,
      • Height 1030 mm.


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