The line consists of a container tipper, a washer lifting conveyor, a fish sorting machine with service platforms, discharge conveyors, storage tanks.
The fish is delivered in containers to the receiving area. The container with the fish is rolled into a tipper and turned over into the tank of the washing-lifting conveyor pre-filled with water. The fish is continuously mixed and washed due to the movement of the conveyor, the water is constantly renewed due to overflow. Then the fish goes to sorting along the lifting conveyor. When feeding fish in bulk, it tends to get into position along the axis of the sorting rolls. Small fish, depending on the selected gap, will fall into the slots and fall onto one of the discharge conveyors, the larger one will move to the exit and fall onto another conveyor. The division can be made into several fractions. It depends on the selected gaps and the number of discharge trays. The sorted fish is transported along conveyors to storage tanks and further for further processing or freezing.


Roller grader



    • Productivity from 4 to 7 t / h
    • Installed power 8 kW
    • Water consumption 2 m³ / hour



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