Semi-automatic basket loader

Operation description: the can from the rotary table-orientator goes along the conveyor to the receiving roller conveyor of the loader. The empty basket of the autoclave with a movable bottom, mounted on a trolley, is brought to the loader and moved from the trolley roller table to the loader roller table.
The row is formed between the pusher and the lifting limit bar. When the row is filled, the inductive presence sensor is triggered and the pneumatic pusher moves the row to the elevator platform, then returns to its original position until the next row is filled. When the layer is filled, the optical presence sensor is triggered and the cycle ends. Next, the operator lowers the platform, puts a pad to load the next layer and presses the start button, starting the next cycle.


Semi-automatic basket loader



    • productivity 100-120 cpm
    • overall dimensions of the basket 760 × 720 × 700 mm
    • case material stainless steel
    • Pusher drive pneumatic cylinder
    • Hydraulic lift pantograph


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