Whole Breast Skinner ST650

Prior to placing your front halves on a cone-line for de-boning, the ST650 could speed up your process, by removing the skin of the breast and back. Equipped with two separate and regulatable skinning units, the machine can skin practically any size of front halves at a speed up to 70pcs per minute. At both units, the skin is pulled, removed in one piece and the membrane of the breast remains undamaged. The skinned product, back skin and breast skin are removed separately with the integrated transport belts.

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Whole Breast Skinner ST650


    Can be used for skinning:

    Whole Breast (Front Half)


    • Water and air chilled
    • Whole breast of practically any size (front halves)
    • Membrane undamaged
    • High quality of skin: removed in one piece
    • No meat loss*

    * Meat lumps attached to the skin, but not to the main meat part can be removed with the skin and is not considered as meat loss as it will be removed with any kind of skinning.


    • No disposable blades: blunt blade that never needs to be sharpened
    • High speed: up to 70 pcs/min: speed regulatable
    • Pulling the skin – not cutting
    • Small footprint
    • Medium and professional chicken processors
    • Minimal to no pressure on the product during skinning
    • No pneumatic air required
    • Back and breast skin separately collected


    • Electronically monitored guards included
    • Installation under front half cutter possible
    • Easy and toolless disassembly for easy and fast cleaning
    • Double bearing (cleaning)roller bushings
    • Automatic infeed and outfeed belts included
    • No water during production required, optional if needed in your region, valve controlled
    • No comb, closed skinning and cleaning roller system for best quality


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