Air purification from particles and oil mist

CentrOxTM is an industrial particle, VOC and odour emission reduction solution for customers within industrial food processing, energy production, plastic and rubber manufacturing, painting and paint manufacturing and other industrial processes generating airborne emissions of particles, VOCs and odour.

CentrOxTM combines ColdOxTM – Centriair’s solution for VOC and odour removal – with efficient removal of particles through advanced centrifugal separation in the case where solid or liquid particles are present in the gas stream.

Particle separation – The centrifugal separator separates fluid particles with a disc stack rotating at up to 3000 rpm. The disc stack separates 100% of all the particles down to 1μm and 82% of all particles down to 0.75 μm along with a percentage of the smaller particle sizes.

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Air purification from particles and oil mist



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