Inspection of marked codes on cans & other containers

Machine vision for in-line & real time inspection of 100% of the production

As a can passes through the inspection enclosure, the system gets a high resolution image of the marked surface. Bad marked units are detected and rejected.

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Inspection of marked codes on cans & other containers



    Turnkey in-line solution assembled over an existing conveyor for inspection of marked containers:
    · strategy:
    · machine vision: image of the marked surface
    · inspection: 100% of the units produced, without physi-cally handling them
    · technical approach:
    · ink jet printing, ink pad, thermal transference, laser…
    · (optional) pneumatic rejection of defective units
    · inspection:
    · applies to visually detectable marked codes
    · All kind of codes and text: lot, date, EAN codes, Data-Matrix codes

    Canning line:
    · high performance lines
    · constant flow of inspected cans

    Electronic features.

    • Maximum production 800 cpm. 48.000 cph
    • Conveyor high speed – 3m/s
    • 1 Camera B/W CCD 1296×964,
    • Images acquisition card for PCI bus, Euresys, Imaging or the most convenient.
    • LED based front light: adjustable intensity
    • Modem, USB, Ethernet, dial-in
    • Intel Dual-Core Pentium D
    • WinXP based user interface

    Benefits and advantages

    • In-line inspection of :
    • 100% of the production units
    • non destructive
    • free of physical can handling
    • False accepts ratio is near 0
    • User friendly interface
    • Easy to parameterize
    • Inspection accuracy is adjustable by the user
    • Only basic training required
    • Easy and quick format changeover
    • Remote control (Ethernet )
    • Online Remote Service from E2M
    • Production statistics
    • Management of rejection and upstream signals

    Structural features

    Camera and lightning system in a stainless steel enclo-sure (as well as a container detector) .
    PC and Control Rack (with electronics cards plugging created by E2M, with the power supply, CPU and others I/O modules of input/output for the signals treatment, and manag-ing, computer with a video acquisition card to capture images, Ethernet card, a 17” TFT screen and trackball keyboard

    • in-line, freestanding, turnkey system:
      • vibration free conveyor w/ modular slat
      • reject-confirmation system (optional)
      • easy installation over existing conveyor

    Optical design:

    • Compatibility with:
      • different products and design patterns
      • a range of different cans


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