Airborne defroster

Airborne defrosters allow you to defrost the product as gently as possible. Due to the moisture inside, the product is much less weathered and dries out. The location of fans, sensors for measuring, calculation of the flow and direction of air movement allows the product to be defrosted as comfortably as possible.

The most popular model is a 3-section airborne defroster for 6 trolleys. Productivity is 3 tons in 2.5-4 hours. Defrosting time depends on the size of the briquette, it is packed and the temperature of the block.

We recommend to have 18 carts for 1 defroster: 6 carts in the defroster, 6 are loaded and unloaded and 6 stand in front of the defroster with fish.

The defrosting trolleys are specially shaped and tilted to allow the water to flow downwards.


Airborne defroster


    Three-section defroster dimensions

    • Overall dimensions: Width 3708mm / Height 3169mm / Depth 3644
    • Gate dimensions: width 3000 / height 2200 mm
    • Technical parameters: 3 SECTIONS
    1. Power – 9.5 kW.
    2. Steam 120 С, consumption ~ 75 kg / h;
    3. Water consumption 60 / hour
    4. Trolley with a loading capacity of up to 500 kg.
    5. Performance:
      1. but. One loading -2.4- 3 tons
      2. Small-medium briquette without package -18 ° (2.5 – 3.0 hours)
      3. at. Large briquette, plastic packaging (3.5 – 4.5 hours)
    6. Material Aisi 304.
    7. Weight 860kg
    8. Two defrosters with a package of carts – one operator.

    Features of optional equipment

    1. The ability to quickly reprogram with the transition to another type of fish/meat
    2. Programming and control of a group of sections individually.
    3. Possibility of installing a second set of gates (pass-through defroster).


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