Microwave defroster

Microwave defrosting refers to volumetric methods of defrosting and, in comparison with methods of surface defrosting (heating the surface with steam, warm air or water), is faster and lacks a number of disadvantages. Microwave defrosting is based on the effect of “rocking molecules” under the influence of high frequency waves with the release of thermal energy. Heat is generated inside the ice cream product, and evenly throughout the entire volume.
The product temperature at the end of the process, which takes several minutes, reaches -2 ° C.


Microwave defroster



    Defrosting using microwave technology has a number of advantages over other defrosting methods, and with the help of innovative solutions it is also one of the most reliable methods.

    We have prepared a special video presentation that will allow you to get acquainted with the principle of operation and the structure of a modern microwave defroster.



    Microwave defrosting refers to volumetric heating methods and is based on the effect of heat release simultaneously throughout the entire volume of the product due to the action of high-frequency waves on water molecules.

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    According to its design, the equipment for microwave defrosting is divided into cyclic chamber machines (capacity up to 1 t / h) and continuous tunnel-type installations (capacity up to 10 t / h).


    Raw material temperature at the entrance: -18 ° С, at the exit: up to -2 ° … -1 ° С for most products and up to + 6 ° С for butter. Defrosting time – from 3 to 8 minutes (depending on the product).

    Microwave defrosting has grown in popularity in recent years. It is used by manufacturers of sausages, semi-finished products, distribution centers in supermarkets, etc.


    Any products can be defrosted using this technology without removing the packaging (cardboard boxes, plastic wrap, etc.)


    Blocks warmed up to -3 ° … -1 ° С are easily divided into parts (for example, for repacking), without any problems they are crushed on ordinary tops or cutters. At the same time, the structure of minced meat is improved in comparison with the use of special tops for frozen raw materials, the service life of the cutting tool is extended, and costs are reduced.


    • 1 No loss of meat juice
    • 2 High performance
    • 3 Improving the microbiological condition of raw materials
    • 4 Improving the quality of the finished product
    • 5 Reducing labor costs, saving space
    • 6 Stability, rhythm and efficiency of the defrosting process
    No weight loss of raw materials during defrosting

    The MW method saves 100% of the raw material mass. As a result, you save tens of tons. The equipment will pay off very quickly.

    Improving the microbiological condition of raw materials

    Defrosting in minutes and the absence of zero crossing excludes the development of pathogenic microorganisms

    Improving the sanitary condition of the defrosting site

    With a microwave installation, the defrosting workshop always stays clean and dry

    High efficiency in production planning

    Because defrosting in microwave installations takes minutes, not hours or days, then the enterprise can change the composition of defrosting raw materials at any time when adjusting the assignment from the sales service, which gives more flexibility in planning and the ability to quickly respond to demand

    Improving the organoleptic properties of defrosted raw materials

    Unlike the traditional method, during microwave defrosting, the raw material is heated evenly throughout the entire volume, there are no places of excessive heating, oxidation or airing of the surface. There is no washing out of nutrients from the surface of the fish, as with prolonged water defrosting

    Reduced labor, operating costs and defrosting area

    With microwave defrosting, there is no need to unpack, unpack the raw materials on racks and then collect them in trolleys. There is also no need for the installation and maintenance of the steam supply system, ventilation and removal of condensed moisture with blood, washing carts or racks. A microwave tunnel with a capacity of up to 3 t / h takes only about 25 square meters and only requires electricity to operate.

    Reducing the risk of exposure to the “human factor”

    Incorrectly set or executed parameters during normal defrosting lead to spoilage of the entire volume of raw materials at once (sometimes very significant). The operator of the microwave defrosting unit will see the result of his possible mistake a few minutes after starting work and on an insignificant amount of raw materials (several blocks), which will give him the opportunity to immediately adjust the program. At the same time, if the program is set correctly, the microwave defroster will always provide a stable result.


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