Blast chillers and deep freezers
A wide product range from the small 5 trays to the series ULTRA with up to 6 trolleys. Products of state-of-the-art technology for the BLAST CHILLING and BLAST FREEZING of your produce without altering their organoleptic characteristics. Temperature range +90°C to -18°C at the product core.
Small and medium sized commercial coldrooms
The only ones in Europe available with a production module of less than 10 cm, with or without floor panels.

the electronic console gives you access to the pre-studied programs in a few seconds, ideal for all your recipes.




    The work console

    • CHILLING cycle from +90 to +3°C in 90’ with product probe
    • DEEP-FREEZING cycle from +20 to -18°C in 240’ maximum with product probe
    • CHILLING/DEEP-FREEZING cycle from +90 to -18°C in 240’ maximum with product probe
    • CHILLING cycle from +90 to +3°C in 90’ with set time
    • DEEP-FREEZING cycle from +20 to 18°C in 240’ maximum with set time
    • CHILLING/DEEP-FREEZING cycle from +90 to -18°C in 240’ maximum with set time
    • Custom cycles


    Today, technological research helps us improve our performance. To reach these goals we must use it in the best way to exploit its potential to the full.

    • Pre-chilling the coldroom to rationalise the time at your disposal for blast chilling your products.
    • Uniformly distributing the products on the trays gives you perfect results and the maximum energy savings.
    • The ideal thickness of the products should never exceed 5 cm, for excellent and uniform cold penetration.


    The rapid reduction of the temperature at the core allows maintaining the qualitative characteristics of the cooked food. +3°C at the core is reached swiftly, allowing avoidance of bacterial growth, the main cause of the aging of foodstuffs. The blast chilling cycle allows cooling your creations rapidly and delicately, maintaining the fragrance both internally and externally. Your dishes will always be ready when you need them.


    Conserving food over time has always been a problem for mankind since ancient times.

    Today, with the rapid freezers, your products will remain unaltered even over the medium and long term thanks to the freezing process and the swift penetration of the cold that favours the formation of micro-crystals, avoiding the molecular breaking down of your food or the loss of the nutritive substances.
    The product will present after freezing as just prepared without loss of weight and fragrance and with the initial organoleptic qualities.


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