Can washing machine PRO

The linear machine is designed for washing filled cylindrical and shaped cans. The maximum diameter of the can is D = 120mm, the maximum height is 90mm. The line is adjusted to the desired can size by changing the position of the guides along the entire length of the conveyor. Washing is carried out using a jet method using nozzles. The cans are fed through a horizontal mesh conveyor to the washing unit. In the first part of the washing tunnel, the can is washed with a cleaning solution that circulates in a closed circuit (the recommended solution temperature is max 60 * C is maintained automatically by supplying live steam). In the second part, it is rinsed with running water (to reduce the steam consumption, the recommended t / max is 40–50 ° C). Heating of water in the supply and rinsing system is not provided. The reservoir of the can washer unit is filled with detergent solution. In normal mode, the bath is replenished by supplying water to the rinsing section, and the level is maintained by the overflow pipe; periodic monitoring of the concentration of the cleaning solution is required. It is also provided for the drainage of water from the rinsing zone into the sewer, in this case the level of the solution in the bath is regulated by a float valve in the supply system. The pressure of the circulation pump required for high-quality cleaning of cans is regulated by a bypass. The pressure in the supply and rinsing system must be at least 0.3 MPa. Retractable mesh filters are located under the conveyor.


Can washing machine PRO



    • Productivity 120 cans per min
    • Steam consumption 60 kg / h
    • Installed power 3.0 kW
    • Overall dimensions 2600 × 1500 × 800 mm


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