Automatic seaming machine (round cans)

We produce automatic rotary seamers based on KZK 79. We do a complete overhaul. Adjust the jar to the size you want. We produce stainless steel, cast iron frame. Also ready to offer completely stainless steel.
Conversion of the machine for rolling cans of the same standard size, but made of material of a different thickness, is carried out by replacing the set of seaming rollers.


Automatic seaming machine (round cans)


    Main technical characteristics:

    • productivity, cans / min up to 120cpm
    • installed power of the electric motor, kW 3.0
    • weight, kg, no more than 1600
    • overall dimensions, mm, no more:
      • length 2070
      • width 1060
      • height 1800

    Parameters and sizes of rolled cans:

    • capacity of cans, cm3 (ml) 65-1000
    • outer diameter of cans, mm 50-105
    • outer height of cans, mm 27-125


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