Servo Driven Horizontal Packaging Machine (Flowpack)

We offer two and three servo-driven machines used for packaging products. They are applied on food and non-food industries. Machines of this type are easy to reconfigure for different sizes. Basic manufacturing operations are simple with the Touch Screen.
The machines are equipped with a photo tag sensor. It ensures high precision of the cut line and the transverse seam weld. The self-diagnosis function will promptly indicate possible abnormal situations. This heat-sealing equipment allows you to use a wide range of heat-sealable packaging materials. PID-controlled thermostats and welding rollers that open when stopped will prevent film breaks, burn-through and deformation.
No product – no bag – designed to avoid wastage of packaging material – is standard. At the request of the client, the equipment can have additional options – a roller thermal printer, a gas filling system and a mechanism for forming “gusset” -packages. All this will make the packaging strong and reliable, not subject to damage during transportation.

Servo Driven Horizontal Packaging Machine (Flowpack)



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