This equipment is designed for roasting fish: fresh, chilled and defrosted, as well as for its supply for further processing. The roasting line can be operated at fish processing plants. The equipment is manufactured based on the performance specified by the customer. The maximum productivity up to 500kg/hour

Deep fryer line


    Technical parameters

    • Weight, kg:1850
    • Capacity, kg / h: 250
    • Frying time, min.:3 – 5
    • Oil temperature:do 180 °C
    • Coolant:water superheated steam (P = 8 bar)
    • Steam consumption, kg/h:800
    • Dimensions, mm
      • length:5400
      • width:1310
      • height:1740
    • Size of processed fish (uncut), mm:from 90 to 350
    • Maximum fish loading, kg:100
    • Water consumption, m3 / h:to 0,2
    • The water pressure, kgf/ cm2:от 0,6 to3
    • Oil volume:up to 1200 l
    • Volume of water:to 2800 l
    • Oil temperature:to 170 °C
    • Electric drive power:5 kW

    Device and principle of operation:

    • Roasting is carried out in vegetable oil heated to a temperature of 140-160 °C. pre-breading fish leads to the formation of an insulating layer that prevents excessive temperature rise of its surface (not above 110-115 °C).
    • The bath machine has a drive roller for moving fish. The drive gear motor (N = 3.0 kW; V = ~1 m/min with adjustable frequency controller). The width of the roller table is 750 mm.
    • Oil heating in the bath is carried out by two sections of the steam heat exchanger. It is possible to control the set temperature.
    • The water cushion (volume ~ 2500 l) has a temperature sensor and a hot water supply and drain system to prevent overheating.
    • After roasting the fish with a special conveyor is fed to the cooling.


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