Skinning machine ST111 for fish

ST111V stands for low-maintenance and compact design with an excellent life expectancy and return on investment because of the use of best available techniques and materials in our concepts. Rough fish or fillets, or spikes and hooks? Fine work as herring skinning or deep skinning of fresh or smoked fillets? The ST111V has a setup for every challenge!

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Skinning machine ST111 for fish


    Can be used for skinning:

    • Whole flatfish
    • Deepskinning or regular skinning of various fillets
    • Smoked and fresh fillets
    • Skate wings
    • Dog fish and comparable
    • Portions
    • Small and medium filets
    • Squid, cuttlefish and octopus head
    • Eel


    • High speed
    • Pulling or cutting the skin
    • Small footprint
    • Easy maintenance: direct transmission: no sprockets or chains
    • Small fish shop, medium and professional processors
    • Manual infeed

    Technical parameters:

    • Operating personnel: 1
    • Speed: +/- 22 м/min
    • Working width. mm: 300
    • Voltage: 220-440 V / 50-60 Hz
    • Performance: 0.55 kW/3F
    • Length: 690 mm
    • Width: 314 mm
    • Height: 239 mm
    • Weight, kg: 43

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