Skinning machine for poultry ST111K

ST111K stands for low-maintenance and compact design with an excellent life expectancy and return on investment because of the use of the best available techniques and materials in our concepts. Bone-in chicken parts larger than a whole or leg or bone-in and deboned turkey parts such as drums, thighs, whole legs and single breast fillets are optimal for this type of machine. It is also possible to skin some chicken and turkey parts on the same machine. The ST111K is very versatile and ideal for smaller processors.

Skinning machine for poultry ST111K


    Can be used for skinning:


    Deboned Thigh


    Whole Leg

    Breast Cap

    Whole Breast

    Whole Chicken*

    Single Fillet

    Double Fillet

    Prime Wing

    Mid Wing


      *Without wings


    • Water and air chilled products
    • Chicken products with bone and not smaller than whole leg
    • Turkey products with or without bone
    • Membrane undamaged
    • High quality of skin: removed in one piece
    • No meat loss*

    * Meat lumps attached to the skin, but not to the main meat part can be removed with the skin and is not considered as meat loss as it will be removed with any kind of skinning.


    • No disposable blades: blunt blade that never needs sharpened
    • High speed
    • Pulling the skin – not cutting
    • Small footprint
    • Easy maintenance: direct transmission: no sprockets or chains
    • Small, medium and professional processors
    • Manual infeed
    • No air required
    • No water during production required, optional if needed in your region


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