ST350 Spare Rib Cutter

If you are looking to bring a new product on the market or if you are trying to increase the value of your broken thighs, the ST350 might just be what you are looking for. Cutting parallel to the bone, the ST350 will cut of 2, 100% boneless, valuable strips off meat that are next to the thighbone. As a new product, the middle bit containing the bone can be marinated and sold as a third product or processed further if the bone was broken. Adapting to every customer’s desire, the blade can be regulated so you can choose how much meat remains on the bone.

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ST350 Spare Rib Cutter


    Can be used for cutting:



    • Water and air chilled thighs
    • Product does not need to be anatomical cut
    • Can even cut thighs with broken bones
    • High quality spare rib cutting
    • Cuts meat parallel off the bone resulting in 3 products:
      • 1 piece of 100% boneless meat
      • 1 piece of meat + bone
      • 1 piece of 100% boneless meat


    • Up to 100pcs/minute with 1 or 2 operators: speed regulatable
    • Small footprint
    • Small, medium and professional chicken processors
    • Continuous feeding chain
    • Cutting distance of blade can be set from 21 to 51 mm
    • Low maintenance
    • Horizontal feeding


    • Electrical system
    • All 3 products can be collected separately
    • Electronically monitored guards
    • Infeed safety


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