Steam cooker

Blanching or steam cooker – intended for short heat treatment of fish, placed in the cans, but not sealed. When the fish has been placed in the can, it goes to the blancher. Then the can passes through the chamber where steam is poured for a certain time. Due to this, the fish gives off excess moisture and after sterilization of canned food in an autoclave, the taste will be much better and there will be no excess water in the composition. After the blancher, a tipper must be placed to drain the liquid (broth) from the jar.
The blancher can be equipped with both metal tape and modern plastic. The advantages of plastic – ease of washing, suitable for different sizes and types of cans, allows you to keep track of cans.

The dimensions of the blancher depend on the required capacity. The higher the performance, the longer and wider the blancher.


Steam cooker



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