Vacuum semiautomatic seaming machine

The peculiarity of the equipment is that when using it for different standard sizes of cans, the changeover time in production can be reduced to 5 minutes, and the presence of an adaptive control system allows you to completely eliminate sealing defects, since the quality of the process is controlled and ensured in real time, plus implemented design solutions and the components used allow the equipment to work around the clock.
The equipment is equipped with a modern controller, a touch screen, a Busch vacuum pump, made of stainless steel.
This option allows you to seal:
– metal cans No. 34, 24, 10, 36, 25, 35, 20, 23, 4, 7, 9, 22, 38, 5, 6, 37, 40, 41, 42, 44, 21, 2, 3 , 8, 11, 12;
– plastic gas-tight cans up to 110mm high and up to 103mm in diameter;
– jars and bottles with screw caps of the “Twist-off” type, glass jars of the “SKO” type with a height of up to 80mm and a diameter of up to 106mm.

We adjust the equipment for your cans at our enterprise. For this we will need a certain number of cans and lids with which you intend to work.


Vacuum semiautomatic seaming machine


    The set of purchased equipment includes:

    • seaming machine 1pc;
    • vacuum pump from Busch – 1 pc;
    • seaming tool;
    • V-belt – 1 pс, a tube of “FESTO” grease – 1 pc;
    • operation manual – 1 pc;
    • packing box for the car – 1 pc;
    • packing box for the vacuum module – 1 pc.


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