Automatic Double Seam Inspection

Seaming quality is critical and important for can inspection. And it’s the one of the most concerned point for can, food manufacturing companies. Automatic Double Seam Projector provides the most convenient way to accomplish the seam inspection.

Automatic Double Seam Inspection



    Automatic line positioning (auto-measure function), measurement will be done in seconds
    Software adopted database management system, measuring results and images can be saved in the database and users can review the saved data at any time
    9 measuring parameters: Seam Length, Body Hook Length, End Hook Length, Overlap, Seam gap, Overlap rate, Body Hook lapping rate, End Hook lapping rate, On-screen Seam Thickness. Data can be exported as an Excel file
    Graph chart statistic function, automatically analyze and compare the measurement results
    Magnifier option enable users to magnify the testing image for a more accurate line positioning
    Seam image can be printed and stored
    Provided with calibration piece, calibrate at any time

    Equipment includes:

    Video seam projector
    Professional seam measurement software
    2 mm calibration piece


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