The ST828 does not need a lot of space to debone it’s capacity of 45 pieces per minute with only one operator. The preformed horizonal infeed trays make the system easy to use for a long period of time. The available outfeedbelt and trimming tables give you the option to trim out the cartilage straight after the machine or to transport the product to the rest of your line for further processing. As the diaphragm is not under pressure in its holder one only has a maximum of 1% bone breakage.

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Deboner ST828


    Can be used for deboning anatomical cut:



    Prime Wing


    • Water and air chilled products
    • Anatomical cut thigh, drum and prime wing deboning (excl. pheasant)
    • Meat in one piece
    • No precutting needed!
    • Bone unbroken (99%)*

    *Bone needs to be cut anatomically, unbroken and intact before deboning.


    • Up to 45pcs/minute with one operator: speed regulatable
    • 1 to 3 operators with trimming belt (1 feeding, 2 trimmers)
    • Very small footprint
    • Small, medium and professional processors
    • High quality of deboning
    • Excellent yield
    • Unique pre-formed trays for product
    • 4 dedicated units, easy to change
    • No pressure on diaphragm
    • Electrical and pneumatic system with required minimum pressure
    • Horizontal feeding


    • Outfeed belt or belt/ trimming table for cartilage removal available
    • Electronically monitored guards
    • Infeed safety
    • Sensor which prevents cylinder malfunction in the machine
    • Different diaphragm sizes available


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