Free Standing Skinner ST600SV

The ST600SV is equipped with a wide skinning surface, high-speed roller and cleaning roller system, which gives the machine several unique and desirable properties in the fish processing industry. Combined with a very fine regulatable setting, the ST600SV finds its place as unmissable tool in medium to large fish processing facilities. The stronger motor itself opens a lot of doors to skate, tuna and dogfish processors.

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Free Standing Skinner ST600SV


    Can be used for skinning:

    • Whole flatfish
    • Deepskinning or regular skinning of various fillets
    • Smoked, thawed and fresh fillets
    • Skate wings
    • Dog fish and comparable
    • Portions
    • Small, medium and large fillets
    • Squid, cuttlefish and octopus head
    • Eel


    • Fresh, thawed or smoked fish
    • Whole fish, fillets or portions
    • Fine, delicate fish with thin (weak) skin
    • Deepskinning or high-yield skinning
    • Rough and larger fish with pins, hooks
    • Squid, cuttlefish and octopus head
    • Eel


    • No split tails
    • High speed
    • Pulling or cutting the skin
    • Small footprint and heavy duty
    • Medium and professional processors
    • Manual infeed


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