Washing Machine (drum type)

Application: the machine can be used autonomously, as well as be built into technological lines for the processing of fish, fish products, vegetables and more.


Washing Machine (drum type)



    • Hygienic design: stainless steel construction, large windows for easy cleaning and machine maintenance
    • Gentle handling of the product: due to the internal spiral, the fish gently turns over and moves to the outlet of the drum
    • Ease of operation: control unit for smooth adjustment of the drum rotation speed
    • Versatility: the ability to process various types of fish
    • Safety: completely enclosed housing eliminates accidental access to rotating parts. The degree of protection of electrical equipment complies with the IP65 standard.
    • Reliability: the use of gear train, top drive system and quality components guarantee a long service life
    • Ergonomic design: easy access to all parts of the machine for sanitisation and routine maintenance


    The main technological unit of the machine is a perforated drum with a diameter of 650 mm, which has a spiral inside with a pitch of 300 mm. Inside the drum, a water supply pipe is installed along its entire length. The fish is continuously loaded into a rotating drum, where it is irrigated with water and moves along a spiral to the unloading window.


    • Productivity up to 3000 Kg / h
    • Overall dimensions 2500 × 1500 × 1000 mm
    • Power 0.75 kW
    • Power supply 380 at 50 V / Hz
    • Total weight not less than 500 kg
    • Water consumption 300 l / h
    • Case material stainless steel


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