Unloader of cans from autoclave baskets 180cpm

The operator rolls the basket into the device, with the handle of the hydraulic manipulator sets the lift (pantograph) in motion, which raises the platform with cans to the height of one layer. Next, the handle of the pneumatic manipulator drives the pneumatic rodless cylinder, the carriage of which moves the layer of cans onto the receiving conveyor. Then the operator returns the carriage to its original position, removes the gasket and starts a new cycle until the basket is completely unloaded. On the conveyor, the bank, in the direction of travel, is lined up in one row along a guide located at a certain angle for feeding for further processing.


Unloader of cans from autoclave baskets 180cpm



    • Performance up to 180 cpm
    • Overall dimensions 4000 × 1300 × 1200 mm
    • Case material stainless steel



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